Who Dares Wins (25 January 2014)

So the long-standing champions were finally defeated in last week’s episode of the ‘lists’ quiz. Could their conquerors continue to win any more, having won no money last week? Some interesting lists this week that were easy to play along to at home.

I must say that I used to love this game show, but it has become bit tired now. When there is no competition and the lists aren’t challenging then there’s no entertainment for the viewer.

Saturday 25 January 2014

1. British Summer Olympic Gold Medalists since 1980

Any British man or woman, as an individual or part of a team, who won a gold medal at the summer olympics since 1980. The Champions bid 23, and with so many famous names in the 2012 Olympics (where the majority of their answers came from) they got it relatively easily. 1-0 to the champions.

2. Graham Norton Show Guests

Since October 2009 as it has aired on BBC1 (and including musical guests). The Challengers bid for 17 and one member was doing well until her partner suggested that she should say some comedians. For their 6th answer they said Al Murray, which was wrong. 2-0 to the champions and they went on to the money game.

* Money Game: Songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals

One member of the Champions is a piano teacher and musicals fan, especially it seemed of Jesus Christ Superstar. Naming various obscure songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, they got 15 correct answers and therefore the maximum of £50,000.


1. James Bond Actors

Now this list was for the top-billing male actors in the 23 official James Bond films – where top-billing meant being in the top 15 actors credited on the film. The Champions bid 11, the new Challengers were stupid and let them name them, and the Champions got them easily.

2. Capital Cities of Six Letters Long or Less

The Challengers had to bid for a list so bid for 13. It was quite an easy list and they were doing well until their very last answer. They said Beijing, because they can’t spell and didn’t realise it was seven letters long. So the reigning Champions won both lists and continued to another money game.

* Money Game – Open Golf Winners

Any male winner of the British Open since 1945. Though neither were massive golf fans, they knew enough to get to six correct answers and therefore £10,000 giving them a running total of £50k and they’ll be back next week.

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