Who Dares Wins (1 February 2014)

The appeal of the National Lottery quiz show (which has nothing to do with the National Lottery except that the draw takes place in the middle) Who Dares Wins is that you can shout at the telly as you play along with naming lists of things – trying to get as many as the teams bet they can get and trying to get more money than they would. You need interesting and varied lists for that to work and this week we were back on the right track with some good lists but also some good ‘daring’.

Saturday 1 February 2014

1. Largest Australian Cities

The top 25 cities, towns and urban areas in Australia as of December 2012. The new challengers (2 blokes) bid for 10 and got them relatively easily as one of them knew Australia quite well.

2. Most Common 2-letter words in English

The top 22 words used in English with 2 letters, but not including ‘is’ as it is often used contracted (into he’s; isn’t etc). The new challengers really wanted to play the game and to win another list so they pushed the bidding up to 19. All was going swimmingly and systematically but on their 6th answer they said ‘is’. A moment too late, they realised that ‘is’ was one of the exceptions that Nick Knowles had mentioned at the start but they had already said it and so lost the list.

3. Tie Break: England World Cup Football Opponents

With one list each it went to a tie break – a penalty shootout as it were where each team has to say an answer. The list was for the 37 teams that England football team (male) had played against in World Cup finals between 1950-2010. Now the tactic on this should be to say the easy ones first to prevent the other team saying the easy ones and keep the harder ones up your sleeve. Neither team did that, trying to prove themselves by saying some relatively minor teams towards the beginning and not saying Germany or Italy until later. Anyway they both did well, got to about 17 but then the reigning Champions said Costa Rica – which though England are playing in 2014 have not played before. So they were out.

*Money Game: Avengers Actors

Actors (male or female) credited in any of the Avengers films – including Thor, Iron Man and Captain America films. Most people have seen some of these films, one of the pair had seen most of them – easy if you know them – the new Champions went for all 15 answers and got £50,ooo.


1. A-Z of Male Celebrities

From Heat Magazine’s A-Z database of 259 male celebrities. The Champions pushed the bidding up to 25 and were doing well. But then decided to mention football stars rather than film/music celebrities on their 17th answer with Wayne Rooney. He was not on the list.

2. Words in Bohemian Rhapsody

Both teams really wanted to name this list. The bidding was going up in 10s and went to 52 when the Champions let the Challengers name them. And the Challengers named 52 quite easily. New Champions twice in one show.

* Money Game: Countries Beginning with B

Sometimes with these money lists there are loads of answers and sometimes there are just 15 (the maximum for the money game) or around that. This was the case with this list. The new champions said 9 correct answers, but couldn’t go further. They got £15k and they’ll be back next week.

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