Who Dares Wins (8 February 2014)

Apparently the week before with a 52 list (words in Bohemian Rhapsody) was the longest list every played on Who Dares Wins. This week’s episode had some more interesting lists and contests – you need teams who are going to dare and go for lists to make it interesting for the viewer….

8 February 2014

1. UK’s Richest Sportsmen

According to Sunday Times’ Rich List – the top 100 richest sportsmen in 2013 who live in Britain, so don’t necessarily have to be ‘British’. The new challengers wanted to challenge so bid for 15. Unfortunately they didn’t think about what the question was about – wealth in terms of assets etc and only the top 100 in the whole country in all sports. They concentrated on football players and the Liverpool fan said Luis Suarez (even before a better suggestion of Steven Gerrard – who was on the list) for their 6th answer and lost.

2. Star Wars Actors

Neither team was a particular fan but tried to push the other up. The Champions had to name a list of 8 and it wasn’t that hard after all as it included all male and female actors in all six films. So the Champions won 2 lists and continued to another money list.

* Money Game: Artists with a UK Top Ten Album or Single in 2013

Now this was a top 10 chart placing – band, singer or duo with a top 10 single or album in 2013. The team said they weren’t into chart music but really there are names like Adele, Lady Gaga etc that they should and could have named. They got to 6 anyway (including One Direction and Justin Bieber) and got £10,000 before bailing.


1. African Countries with a coastline

Both teams wanted this list and the bidding was relatively fierce for a finite number. The Champions bid 12 and got them, including good answers like Madagascar.

2. UK’s most borrowed authors

400 most borrowed authors between July 2011 and June 2012 from UK public libraries. Nick Knowles gave a hint that most of them were non-fiction, adult and children, from C20. The Champions didn’t want the list but pushed up the bidding as the Challengers did. They had to do a list of 22, which was always going to be difficult to tell. They went through all the ‘romantic’ female author types and for their 11th answer said Jilly Cooper. Surprisingly she was not on the list and they lost both lists and the reigning Champions continued (Hayley & Ranjit).

* Money Game: Kate Winslet Films

The Champions could only think of Titanic. They then said Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and then The Holiday. They got three answers and therefore £5000 and then gave up. But they’re back for the next episode.

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