Who Dares Wins (15 February 2014)

15 February 2014

1. Lord of the Rings Characters

Any of the 58 named characters with individual entries on the Tolkien website’s ‘who’s who’. The Champions bid 10, a low winning and easily won bid, as the Challengers were not Tolkien fans.

2. Songs from Mamma Mia Soundtrack (2008)

17 songs and the Champions bid 8. Unfortunately for their 4th answer they said ‘Take a chance’ instead of ‘Take a chance on me’ and lost the list so it had to go to a tie break.

3. Tie Break: English Monarchs since 1066

Just the first names so Henry and then only once for each first name. The teams did 10 between them and then the Challengers said Alfred, but Alfred the Great was King before 1066 and the Champions won the tie break with Anne.

* Money Game: Blackadder Actors

The names of any actors (male or female) in any series of Blackadder. Both fans they got 9 easily and £15k but then gave up (without saying people like Brian Blessed or Nigel Planer) but now had a running total of £45k so £22,500 each.


1. Artists with 90s UK no. 1 albums

New Challengers and both teams wanted to play this list. The bidding went up to 16 for the Champions but stupidly they said for their 5th answer Coldplay. Who were not a 90s band. They lost the list.

2. Sports Personality of the Year Nominees since 2006

Any of the 49 people nominated for the BBC awards since 2006. The Champions bid 10 and although they talked between themselves about Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and that they should mention 2012 Olympics stars, they failed to discuss Mo Farah or Jessica Ennis (who’s been nominated at least twice) and decided to say Victoria Pendleton for their 9th answer. They were wrong and lost both lists and out of the game.

* Money Game: Capital Cities in the Americas

So without playing any lists there were new champions by default. They had to name the capital cities of the 35 countries in the Americas (including the Caribbean). They got to 9 and £15k and gave up even though they knew others but were too unconfident about their other answers e.g. they knew Havana but didn’t say it. Anyway they will be back on the next episode, which will also be the last of the series.

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