Who Dares Wins (22 February 2014)

Last episode of Nick Knowles’ presented quiz show, Who Dares Wins, for this series. It’s a fairly cheap and popular format so I expect it will be back again on rotation before long although I do think they’re running out of interesting and competitive lists.

22 February 2014

1. Ashes Cricketers

England Male cricketers in first team Ashes test teams since 2005. The Champions bid 10, the challengers were not cricket fans, and the champions got them quite easily.

2. Brit Award Nominees

The 199 acts nominated between 2009 and 2013. The challengers bid 12 and got them fairly easily, mainly concentrating on international acts and boybands.

3. Tie Break: Highest Grossing Films of 2013

The top 100 highest grossing films in the US box office. For the 2nd answer, and the Champions’ first, they said Iron Man 2 – but Iron Man 3 was the 2013 film so they lost their crown. New champions.

Money Game: Busiest UK airports

The top 25 airports in the UK according to number of passengers in 2012. Now the UK doesn’t have much more than 25 airports so this was fairly easy if you know their names but the new champions weren’t even confident if Gatwick was correct (which of course it was) or Belfast so they stopped at 9 and £10k.


1. Friends Actors

Any male or female actor who starred in 2 or more episodes of Friends. The bidding was low, despite the fact that 6 answers were automatic, and the new Challengers bid 10 but for their 10th answer, knowing it was probably wrong, they said Julia Roberts  – who was only in one episode.

2. BBC’s A-Z of historical figures

The 371 men and women on the BBC list from the BBC history site including politicans, monarchs, artists, inventors, explorers etc but not classical musicians. The bidding went up to 33 for the Champions but for their 10th answer they said Robert Burns, who was not on the list.

3. Tie Break: 10 least frequently used letters in English

The least frequent letters from the Oxford Concise Dictionary. They were z, x, q, k, v, f, j, b, w, y. The champions said g for the 9th answer but this was wrong (g was the 11th least frequently used letter) and so they were out.

Money Game: Wimbledon men singles winners

The 45 winners since 1930. Fairly easy to do but the new Champions stopped at 9 and £15k and didn’t go on to say people like Connors, Ivanisevic or Becker. But they’ll be back in the next series – whenever that is.

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