Line of Duty, Series 2, Episode 3

The second series of Line of Duty is linking up explicitly now with the first series as ‘Dot’ Cottan returns and we find out that the witness who was the focus of the ambush in the first episode was ‘Tommy’ – the big gangster in the first series (the man on the phone for the most part) and the man for whom Dot worked. However, nobody realised that Dot was corrupt, as Lennie James was always perceived as guilty and Dot now works for the AC9 and the witness protection squad and is drafted in to help AC12 with their case against Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes).

Yes, Jessica Raines did die after being chucked out of the window of the first episode, as did the witness. In the second episode, the evidence was stacked up against Lindsay Denton although she too did her own investigating about AC12 – proving that Arnott had slept with a witness, that Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) has money trouble and keeps up her sleeve that Kate has been having an affair with Aker’s husband ie the husband of the witness protection officer who was killed in the ambush.

The missing girl case that Lindsay was pursuing in episode 2 seems to be linked somehow to the witness protection case. Her boyfriend worked at the same garage that the people involved in using the nurse to get to the witness used. Lindsay visited the garage in episode 2 and then confronted Kate, working out that she was an undercover AC12 officer, and this makes Kate convinced that this is no coincidence and that Lindsay is involved in selling out information – but surely if Lindsay was such a clever policewoman she would not take Kate to the scene of the crime. In this episode Kate realises that the floor of the garage is wonky and they dig it up to find the remains of a young girl – probably the missing girl Lindsay was looking for, Carly.

The third episode has Lindsay in prison where there seem to be only two officers looking after her and the whole prison. She is abused and not allowed bail. The press know her identity, even though it was meant to be protected, because the big boss (Dryden – Mark Bonnar) told a press informant in order to get them off his back about a speeding fine. However, Lindsay admits to Kate that she once had an affair to Dryden, that Dryden was the person she rang when she went out on the call for the witness and so perhaps he was the one, and the one with the power, to frame her and arrange the hit. Kate does some digging and finds out that Dryden had specifically rearranged the shifts so that Lindsay would be on shift when the witness move call came in. However, she shares this information with Dot (as well as Arnott) – not a good move.

In the meantime, Dot doesn’t believe that Denton did it either though so are we meant to think he has turned ‘good’ or is there a longer con going on? He thinks Akers is the informant and finds financial records to prove that she received £50,000 recently. But ickle Steve Arnott ends the episode by going to see Lindsay Denton in prison to tell her believes her. Oh dear, having believed Keeley Hawes now that Arnott believes her it can’t be true!

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