Line of Duty, Series 2, Episode 4

This series of Line of Duty is getting critical acclaim everywhere – with everyone saying that Keeley Hawes is a shoo-in for Baftas etc. Well, yes, but let’s see how it all ends before we anoint her – a terrible ending could ruin all the good feeling everyone has for her as an actress.

The fourth episode (two more to go) ended with Lindsay Denton shoved into the boot of the car being driven by the two-helmeted guys who have been killing policemen and the witness, Tommy. But now, they are without their helmets, and AC12 have worked out who they are – two vice cops – one the Asian man who was Carly Kirk (the missing girl)’s boyfriend. the other the man who wore the dodgy blonde wig to kill Tommy and also Jessica Raines’ character. Not only are they policemen but AC12 have found video evidence that they knew Dryden – the top boss who Fleming and Arnott are increasingly convinced is involved in the murders. And on top of all that, Carly Kirk, the girl that Lindsay Denton was trying to find – and who was probably buried under the garage floor – was waitressing at an event, on the night that she went missing, where Dryden and Asian cop (Prasad) were at. And on that same night, August 16th, Dryden pretended that he was speeding in his wife’s car – in order to give him some sort of alibi.

Complicated? Yeah, maybe.

So all the evidence is increasingly pointing to the fact that Lindsay is innocent. She has a chance to escape – as she visits her dying mother in her nursing home -but doesn’t do so. And then her G4S van is rammed by the two vice cops, Cole and Prasad and she is taken away. But if she dies then what? And if she doesn’t die, how will she get out of this situation?

Meanwhile, the link to Dot Cottan remains a mystery. He was the caddy for Tommy, as we found out in the last series, and Tommy explicitly leaves behind a video (or rather Jane Akers, the witness protection officer does) that talks about the caddy. But it seems that Jane Akers was being paid  off, while also collecting evidence, and that her husband knew about her payoffs while sleeping with Kate, who has been chucked out of her family home by her husband.

Complicated? Yeah maybe.

And I haven’t even started on Hastings who is trying to win back his wife by dangling the possibility of Dryden giving him a promotion and therefore payrise which will solve all the financial problems he caused. But it is increasingly looking like Dryden is guilty and Hastings is torn – especially as there is little dispute that Dryden and Lindsay were having an affair. But if they were having an affair, maybe this is all a long con? Or maybe it is nothing to do with them?

Complicated? Not enough! Roll on the next two episodes.

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