Who Dares Wins, 15 March 2014

So I thought it was over a few weeks ago, but then suddenly another episode appeared – because The Voice was not taking up the whole Saturday evening. Anyway, more lists, more games, less interesting than it used to be.

Saturday 15 March 2014

1. Boys names beginning with vowels

The top 100 boys names in the UK in 2012 starting with vowels. The reigning champions bid 13 but for their 8th answer said Ian/Iain, which was not on the list.

2. British and Irish Lions

Any male British or Irish Rugby Unions Lions whoplayed in a test match since 1993. The champions bid 12 but for their very first answer said Gareth Jones, which was wrong.

*Money Game: Labour or Conservative Party Leaders since 1939

Easy to get to £10k even if you’re not into politics. The new Champions got to 12 answers and £25k.


1. Top Artists for Karaoke in 2013

Top 200 artists sung at Karaoke in the UK in 2013 (as compiled by LittleVoice). The Challengers bid 16 and were going well until they said Donna Summer, who was not on the list.

2. Harry Potter Actors

The top 15 billed actors (male or female) in any of the Harry Potter films. The Champions bid 12 but said Mark Milliams half way through, who was in the films but not in the top 15 billed in any film.

Tie Break: Formula 1 Drivers in 2013

A tie break then when the two teams had to give answers in turn until one couldn’t. They did 5 between them but then the Challengers said Mika Hakkinen, who was not driving in 2013.

* Money Game: Countries smaller than the UK

Well the currently reigning Champions weren’t very good at this question. For their third answer they said Norway and so did not get any money this round.

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