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Louis Theroux: Extreme Love

Louis Theroux’s two very different documentaries under the topic ‘Extreme Love’ on families caring for children with autism and adults suffering from dementia were really rewarding watches. The autism programme was based in New Jersey and followed a number of … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Avengers

Just been to an IMAX 3D screening of the Avengers movie – one of the first showings here in the UK (11am). Some thoughts following the break – don’t think there are spoilers but if you’re phobic then avoid reading … Continue reading

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Grandma’s House – Series 2

I like Simon Amstell. I think he’s funny. I also think that in real life we wouldn’t be friends. He’d be probably be too mean to me. But in Grandma’s House, he seems like a nice chap. Back for a … Continue reading

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What are Channel 4 doing with ‘New Girl’?

Last seen on 16 March, Channel 4 suddenly pulled New Girl from their schedules after showing eleven episodes just as it was getting into its stride. There’s still no news when it’ll return with the second half of the season. … Continue reading

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There had been quite a bit of advance publicity about Ricky Gervais’ new comedy pilot, Derek, for Channel 4. Portraying a man of unidentifiable learning disability who works in an old people’s home, critics have been sharpening their knives to … Continue reading

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Deal or No Deal: Jimmy Carr Celebrity Edition

I remember when ‘Deal or No Deal’ first came onto our screens. It was an innovative new game show and heralded the return of childhood favourite Noel Edmonds. In the first series, we got to know the people behind the … Continue reading

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The Almighty Johnsons: Season 1 Finale

‘Every Good Quest has a Sacrifice’, Season 1, Episode 10 (Syfy UK, 5 April 2012) With only a ten episode run, the first season of the New Zealand comedy-drama about reincarnated Norse gods has come to an end. The second … Continue reading

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