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Money: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Ugh. Sometimes you watch programmes because you can’t be bothered to change the channel at the end of a long day (say after Masterchef: The Professionals on BBC2) and then you can’t stop staring at the screen in disbelief. BBC2 … Continue reading

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Fringe & Misfits: Sci-fi Romances

As much as I love that many UK channels now show US dramas at roughly the same time as in the US, it means we have to deal with all the breaks they have in their seasons for football, thanksgiving, … Continue reading

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Young Apprentice: The Buying Task

Before this episode started I thought that it was Hayley’s time to go, and that the fines for the buying task can always be fixed to make sure one team loses. However, there didn’t need to be any fixing with … Continue reading

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The Killing II: Episodes 3 & 4

Two great episodes of The Killing on BBC4 last night. We learnt more about all the characters and the tension was racketed up. I love the soundtrack to The Killing too; it’s the same as the first series. It has … Continue reading

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Life’s Too Short: Episode 3

So Life’s Too Short has been steadily losing viewers, according to a report on Guardian online today. No surprise there. I think the series has been steadily getting worse; I would not have imagined that the first episode would be … Continue reading

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 8

They’ve just finished showing the 8th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4 so time to collate some thoughts on it all. The first episode started immediately after the last season ended, with Larry getting back with Cheryl until he … Continue reading

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Young Apprentice: Deodorants

The advertisement task starts at Wembley stadium, of course, because the teams this week have to design a deodorant for their age group and make a tv advert, so Wembley often has sweaty people…? Lord Alan appears on the big … Continue reading

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